New PWRA Large Card

New 8.5 x 11 fully editable post card template. EDDM available sizing. You can change any aspect of this piece, logo, colors, phone #s etc… Its all easily changeable.

PWRA members can download the fully editable template here:

Be sure your signed in.

Non members can sign up here and start enjoying this and many other benefits tomorrow.

Pressure Washing Association

Wow. You guys are steeping your gamwe up now. NICE!

We’re going to pile it on, Dejay.
Remember- if you have a suggestion, lay it on us. Together we are an unstoppable juggernaut!

Nice looking postcard.

Looks nice

And every aspect is fully editable, so you can change the font, the headline, the offers, and even use your own picture instead of the one that’s on there now.

Looks awesome, I am going to use that one for my next campaign.

Keep us posted on how it does for you.

That’s a slick looking card!

That’s a great card. I’m looking forward to using it!

Remember- every part of every PWRA marketing piece is fully editable.