New pressure washing business

New guy here! Just got done building my trailer set up. Im still trying to stop a few leaks lol. But here it is.

Well im trying to upload the pictures but it fails and says unable do to memory low…

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8 gpm 3500 psi machine, 325gal tank, few other things but i hope this will get me started.

Sweet truck! congrats on your new set up, just finished setting up my own! Now just waiting on insurance to get finalized :unamused:

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That trucks pretty :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️

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Thanks yall! The truck has no issues pulling the weight either! Love it

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Good luck to you! I just got mine with a premium of 1550… its a starter package to get rollin i guess.

Nice setup! What state are you in? If NC, you can get in touch with William’s insurance company…I just switched to Eerie with their help and it’s about 40% less than what you’re paying. Let me know and I’ll PM you the info.

Thanks again for the help @Innocentbystander !!

we are located in louisiana. i wish i was paying 40% less lol

Nice Rig! Love Black, My main setup is very similar. Quick tip , keep truck and trailer up wind! All the soap spray leaves spots and they’re not always simple to rinse off. Hot Weather+Hot Sun+Black Truck/Trailer= instant drying and spotting. SH is not great for paint. I have 2 Black Rigs and one White, the blacks get washed every 2 days and the white every 2 weeks. Good luck this season

Like the trailer set up L. Duffourc. I unfortunately had to set up on an open utility trailer. Still pretty nice though, all new equipment. Anyways, I am also new to the business so I needed a way to track and address my income/expense projections for my first year in business. Could not find anything readily available so, I created an excel spreadsheet that tracks and totals your estimated projections for your first year and beyond. Great to use when putting together a business plan. Breaks down everything into a separate line item month by month with % allocation to each category. Could not upload the file though, wrong type. Could send it over in email if you or anyone else is interested.

Good Luck This Year.



Thanks my brother. Yes im still trying to find away to keep all my expenses together. if you don’t mind sending what u have created that would be awesome! here is my email-

haha I’ve had some bad experience with the wind unfortunately. but im learning now to park up wind now haha!