New pressure washer

I will be purchasing a pressure washer soon and recently seen a thread by Bret_Mayo regarding this model,
EB5525HG 5.5 GPM @ 2500 PSI GX390 Honda GP Pump. It is offered by KEC supplies on sale for just under $1400.00.
Certainly seems like a great price for 5.5 gpm, but my question is will 2500 psi enough for residential cement work
with 18-20 inch surface cleaner.

Yes. IMHO that is the perfect residential starter unit on a budget. Great price from KEC Supplies too.

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Of course, 8 GPM 3000 PSI cold water is the ideal way to go, if you have 3k to spend :slight_smile:

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Thanks Josh, and it is my budget that really has me interested in this machine! I just wanted to be sure it would
be sufficient for the surface cleaner.

It will be great. Actually, there is a guy in my area that got a 5.5 GPM 3500 PSI machine, and he uses 3.5 nozzles in his surface cleaner to get 2500 PSI at his surface cleaner anyway, out of fear of damaging the soft driveways around here. He could have just gotten one of these, and saved himself some money. Not to mention gas on every job.

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I do like the sound of that, and 1400.00 is far closer to my preferred numbers right now then 3000.00!
Thanks again!

Think this will do what you need just fine. Just don’t expect to be running 300’ of 3/8 hose and leave your injector inline when cleaning the nastiest of concrete.

I didn’t state that very clearly… the more hose you have the higher PSI loss… So long lengths of hose May be an issue and you will probably benefit from removing your injector when surface cleaning. Other then that you will have no issues i imagine.

Thanks for the advise Jeff, I will definitely keep that noted about psi loss.
I am not targeting areas where homes and lots are terribly big to start off, I will
be a one man band until things smooth out, so going to go at it slow.

If concrete work is really dirty, you can always up your chems and dwell times to counter the lower pressure.

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Thanks, I am not sure how much concrete work I will run into, but sure want to be able
to do it right if I offer it.

I saw that machine too.
Question, if I run this along side my 4 gpm 4000 psi machine, will there be a noticeable difference?

as in how clean it gets

If you get this unit, please give us some feedback on how close it runs to specs. I was once told that it was about impossible to get that high volume 5.5gpm out of only 13 hp (maybe 1500 psi) especially running belt drive with efficiency loss vs gear reduction. I really may be interested in a unit or 2 like this if you are pleased!

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Any feedback on this unit???

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I’m sure it runs great. I have 2 13 hp Hondas running 8gpm general pumps. Get about 1800-2000 psi and they are house washing champs.

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