New pressure washer finally

My pump of my pressure washer went out in 3 months so I built this. I’m super proud and wanted to share.

I’m still not finished but I’m getting close


Great job, what’s the stats on it? Cost to build?


Looks great!

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It’s a 6.8 gpm 3500 psi and the pump and engine and skid were about 1250$ I think. I got a 2 year engine warranty too.

Thanks for the help with everything I would have been clueless without your help @TexasPressureWashing

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So, are you getting 6.8/3500 or is that the pump rating? That would be one heck of a single cylinder.:flushed:

Where’s your unloader??

That’s the pump rating I just got the unloader in. Like I said I’m not done yet.