New / old website

If you guys get a minute, check out my website. I just got it redone. Any thoughts good or bad would be appreciated. Just click on the link in my signature. TIA(thanks in advance) :wink:


Somebody screwed up your phone number though. They put periods where hyphens belong.

Good call Tim. I was so busy looking for typos I didn’t even see that.

Your thumbnails in your gallery do no work when clicked. Overall it looks professional.

Looks great! I noticed the same about the thumbnails. Who did the site?

Thanks for the input guys. I don’t know if I should say who did the site for fear of being banned from here and caned in public. HaHa! (That was a joke.) I went with a company called Footbridge. They do contractors websites. Sorry Anya.

No worries Tony!

I think it look better with the periods… look more modern

Guess I got to hit the s button harder…lol

Looks Great… However, It appears something is wrong with your photo gallery, it says “The requested image cannot be loaded. Please try again later.”

looks nice and professional!

And here we are on Jan 25th, 2015 and the thumbnails still do not work.

Post is from 2 years ago. He might have a whole new website by now.

Why would one pay to retain the domain name and hosting if they got a new website?

Dude what’s with the attitude? You seem to be a know it all, why even bother with us idiots.

Attitude? I asked a simple question based on common sense… I can’t help it you’ve been trolling my posts and replying with idiotic comments like the one above. But hey, you called yourself the idiot; I didn’t!

nice site!