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First time here long time amateur washer. I recently moved to South Carolina just outside the city of Columbia… 15 minute drive and I’m in Columbia. What are the regulations for washing my own driveway? Where I’m from you just go out and wash it and no one says anything. I have the basic equipment. 4 gpm 4400 psi washer with an in-line chem feeder, turbo nozzle, and an 18" surface cleaner. I can get it done… i just don’t want a fine. Any ideas from anyone would be welcome.

Don’t let water go down storm drain and you’re good to go

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Thank you. Looks like some waterbags and a small pump purchase is in my future.

Just pump it into the grass or divert it so it goes around it and maybe evaporates before it hits another one.

Just go wash it, no one going to say a thing long as not toxic. @PPWofLexSC lives there, he can set you straight.

I’m here in Lexington, wash driveways on the regular and haven’t had anyone stop me or write me a citation for runoff going down the gutter or eventually into a storm drain. I don’t dabble with oil stain removal so my run off is just watered down bleach and surfactant. Thanks @Racer for the tag.