New Member, New Ways

Hello, my name is Troy and I’m the owner & crew-leader of Stelzer Painting Inc. I’m a licensed General Contractor who specializes in paintings, coatings & pressure-washing. This is my 27th year in the business and it wasn’t until last year that I began downstreaming. According to my math, I’ve wasted about a year of my life doing things the hard way, (without d-sing). I spent about 400 hours so far learning the basics of chems, so I still have much to learn. The older we get, the smarter we need to work, so that’s been my main focus now that I’m over 40. I’m grateful for this site and the vast knowledge of you members. I’m not new to forums, so I’ll try to always search for an answer before I ask, never ask pricing threads, and hope that I’ll be able to contribute.

Welcome to PWR!

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Thanks Thad. Not sure why my sig didn’t show the first time, but hopefully it will now.

Very first posts have to be approved by a moderator to prevent spamming. You should be good to go now but if not let me know.

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Welcome, and congrats on your revelation!

Hello. I to am new to the forum. I am owner and operator of A cleaning service in the metro Atlanta area. I agree we have to be smarte about the way we work as we get older. Keep studying your trade. Learn everything you can. My father used to say knowledge and hard work. Best of luck