New Member Introductions

Thank you. Will do, along with fire plug wrench and manhole hook.

Hello. My name is Charlie and I’ve got a one man business in the Southern California area, Carter Window & Specialty Cleaning. I started and now restarted my business after taking a break from it. I’m trying to get my angle on commercial work including solar panels and building washing. I’ve got a truck bed outfitted with my equipment and looking for ways to grow my business. Thanks and glad to be here.


Weren’t you here a couple of years ago?

Yep… I had started my business and then life happened. So I’m back at it and ready to make it happen!

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Hey, new here and just stopping in to say hi. Hoping for a good fall season with pressure washing, etc.


hell and welcome to the forum.

I notice you have docks listed, what is your fish friendly recipe for docks?

Nice welcome, @Dirtyboy

Of course, if you ask the wrong question that seems to be what people get around here. :rofl::rofl::rofl: