New machine?

I have been given the green light to finally upgrade my machine! I know some on here will be pleased.:laughing:

Anyway, I have a dilemma. My current Cat direct drive pump is pulling water from my tank but doesn’t sound happy with it. I need to do…something.

I can either get a 4/4 belt drive fully plumbed for ~$1400 and (try to) sell the current machine for $700, or get the GP gear drive 5.5 and struggle with driveway and brick cleaning which seems to be at least half of the PW jobs I get.

I know…save up and get a 5.5/3500 v-twin but I can’t swing that for quite a while.


Save more ,for a 3500 psi 8 gpm belt drive ? My 2 cents sir


Can i have those two cents toward it?:ok_hand:

Seriously though, my pump isn’t happy.


I agree with @Hotshot…8gpm is the only way to go…but that is just me.

Having had the 8gpm for about 2yrs…I would not consider upgrading to anything less.

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Sure buddy. Gotta go fund me thingee wooper? I’ll contribute

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I know it stinks man. But you’ll always wonder and be behind the fence if ya don’t get the big dog 8 gpm next. Just baby what ya got and be grateful it’s still making you money and putting a lil food on the table.I’m the same kinda. I got two hot water skids. And always wanting to go bigger and better. Im not pushing 8 gpm yet in hot water, my lil cold water machine is. But it’s not hot water. Lol

And forgive me if I sound a little like a pompous butt @dcbrock. But I’m in the truck washing industry. So my little machines don’t hold a candle to the scale of machinery I should be using. There are alot of ppl in my field running 10 gpm or higher. My biggest machine is a 6 gpm.So that’s how I relate to your dilemma. Not poking fun in any way man.

Oh no I get it, 8gpm is the holy grail. You’re not pompous, that’s for sure lol.

Admittedly I am leaning toward 5.5/3500 just because I (technically) have a 50 gallon buffer tank and an 8gpm would probably empty pretty darn quick with most spigots around here only putting out about 4-5.

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We’re do you live @dcbrock . I will donate a 350 gallon buffer tank to you man.
Get the 8gpm

I appreciate the offer, my trailer wouldn’t handle such a beast!

Consider a predator v twin, and a gear drive 8gpm pump, about the same price as your talking about, some here will say no way to the predator, but several use them every day, and are 100% satisfied with them. I can’t speak for the v twin, but I’ve tried my best to wear out several 212’s and a 420. Still just as good as day one, 4-6 yrs later. I can’t remember at the moment who, but someone was here was building them for $1200 I believe.

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If you have a lot of well water houses then I would go with the 5.5/3500. You can get a briggs engine with a gear drive and pump from envirospec for around 1850 delivered to your door.
I used to use an 8gpm with a 225 gallon tank and it would empty often due to the well systems not being able to keep up. Now we only use 5.5gpms.


I understand now @dcbrock . You’d have to change alot of things around and acquire more stuff to compensate an 8gpm on a budget. I’m sure whatever you get will be a vast improved. And hey ,there’s always next time. Then use your new 4/4 or 5/5 as back up this time next year.