New Insurance Benefit for PWRA Members!

One of the highlights of the 2013 Pressure Washi […]


Check it out.
This is kind of a big deal.

That’s a great deal…

That’s a MOTHER of a benefit!! Where getting ready to do a garage out of state the weekend of Sept 20th and tomorrow we have to call to put this place on our Certificate of liability insurance… And now we get to ask about our PWRA discount as well…SWEET!!! I’ll post how much we are going to save because of this.


John, it’s only good one renewals, not on current policies

Have you ever been so excited about renewing your insurance?

Lol my current insurance expires next month with my local agent, but guess which insurance company I am going with next month??? JOE WALTERS INSURANCE!!! After seeing Tom this past week and talking to him, he definitely cares and understands the needs of our industry and I don’t have to worry about coverage, cause I know they are on top of it.

More and more benifits are making me happy I joined.

The next hurdle is growing to the point that we can go after health benefits.

Contact them for a quote today.
Pressure Washing Insurance

You would know I just signed up with them a month ago!!! Couldve used that awesome discount…

Well if its only good for one renewal we’ll still save over $700 at least. That’s at least 3+ yrs of our PWRA membership dues… Also where in the process of changing our payroll to Paychex…

I’ll give an update of what where going to save on both when Kath talks/Complete’s everything she has to.

PWRA Rocks!!!

On* renewals.

Good catch…dang iphone keyboard lol

Glad to see everyone is excited and informed!!! Yes…to clarify as well, nothing can be adjusted “mid-term” or when your next bills are due.

Amy, I’m very excited about the “All About Insurance” sub forum that will go live next week. Having a professional to answer questions and give direction not only on business policies but on any insurance will be a tremendous resource.


Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

I had a nice chat with Tom this afternoon. If you have a request for a quote in and haven’t heard back, please be patient. The largest pressure washing association and the largest window cleaning association just got a huge discount for unbelievable coverage and they are swamped. The phones have been ringing off the hook ever since Tom made the PWRA announcement at the convention and we have received the nod for window cleaning insurance that was announced today.

My experience has been that they are unbelievably responsive for quotes, COIs, and answering questions. Please give them a little time to get back to you. The massive influx of calls has slowed down response time a little but they are handling them as fast as they can.

I have been a Joseph D. Walters Insurance client for years and I personally assure you that the coverage, customer service, and peace of mind are worth a day’s wait.

I was able to talk to the rep at the PWRA show. Sounds like a very good deal. I did find out that equipment is not cover under normal insurance. So im going to call on Tuesday to see what’s up

joseph…yeah…will be interesting for sure…I agree…making some calls myslef.