New Inexpensive Power Washer

Just thought if someone was interested in starting a pressure washing business I found an inexpensive one that will get you off the ground running and allow you to make lots of money.

Only $29.95

Lol. This post reads just like every single Craigslist ad trying to sell a pressure washer. The only difference is, they would normally multiply the asking price by 10 and say that’s what they paid for it last year.

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I have been watching online to see if there are any good deals on used equipment and most of the time you can buy a new one a lot cheaper then what they are asking.

True. Lol. A guy here was trying to sell a used 4 GPM Hotsy for $8000 for a while. I don’t know if he finally gave up, or if he found some poor schmuck to pay anywhere near the asking price.

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Six of those together might run a surface cleaner!

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For anyone wondering, it is a toy pressure washer sold at Toys r Us for $29.95

It’s literally a toy? Kinda looks a lot like the ones they sell in department stores for $99.

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I kid you not. It is a toy. Maybe we need to sell some on CL for $249.00.

Workman Power Tools Power Washer

$29.95 is actually pretty expensive for something you can always find for free on curbs in any given retirement community on trash day.

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Hey, what’s up with used pressure washers being so expensive? I scoured Ebay and Craigslist withing a two hour drive from my house and they were the same price as new, and if they weren’t as expensive they were ragged out and prehistoric looking.

Saw one add for a beat up old Landa 4gp cold water unit for $1700, and a brand new one from a Landa distributor four posts down for $2000. Better resale value than handmade musical instruments.

Yeah, I’ve noticed the same thing… Its not uncommon to see ads for used equipment priced higher than retail either… Madness

It is also not unusual to see people want to lowball people that are selling close to new equipment as well. If it is used and in decent condition and taken care of it is unfair to think that it should be discounted that much just because it has been used a little bit. I am not saying that it is worth close to retail. But it is definately not worth a 50% discount just because it has a little use on it.

Most equipment if taken care of will last a long time. Some units are still in service well after 10-15 years.

We don’t like it when competitors lowball their rate, we also should not expect to lowball others in the industry just because a piece of equipment is used.

Maybe where you live.

I have purchase several very low hours used pw’s for pennies on the dollar.

One rig was $1,750.00 new. I offered $450.00 and he sold it to me. He could have said no to my offer but no one else was standing in line behind me willing to pay more. Another rig was a $1,500.00 Simpson from Sherwin-Williams. Used on one job and then stuck in the shed for two years. $400.00 brought it home. It spent three years on the trailer without missing a beat.

That’s the neat thing about sales. You can ask anything you want. The market will decide what to pay.

In my opinion the maximum that a used piece of equipment could be worth is 70% of retail (that’s if it’s new)… Anything with moderate use more like 50%.

If it’s heavily used or old, it’s worth whatever someone will pay for it…

Buying from a reputable retailer is totally different from buying from a guy on craigslist…

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Thats funny!

I would also trust reliable people on this message board as well, a piece of equipment may no longer serve the purpose that someone bought it for and someone replaced it with a better unit but would work just fine for someone else that is still growing their business and it can be bought at a reasonable price as well.