New in AZ need your advise


Hi Guys
I live in Arizona I would like to start a service business and I’ve been googling PW and it looks like something I would enjoy doing, plus it can get some good money to support my family.
I would like to learn this business, I don’t know where to start from. I want your advise please. Is their a school a class a company that can train me ? Please advise. Thanks a lot gentlemen.


The search button is my private university. I only charge $10 an hour the view it . Please set up payment in advance. There are no student loans available. Only because we don’t want you to start your business in dept . That’s lesson 1 that one is free.


That’s funny. But really I need help to learn the business all of you guys were a newbie like me today. I have kids to support I hope you guys can advise me on training, tools , ects. I have some money saved I want to invest it in this business.


He was serious to a certain extent. Use the search button and read read read. There’s also a newbe category. Start there.


This forum is a gold mine. There’s probably 10 YouTube channels that are good too. There’s a list somewhere.

ProClean Exteriors
Rob Anderson
John Lange
PressurewasherTV I think one is called.

Avoid Dan’s Vlog. Lol guy is an odd bird

Oh and Ray Burke is good!


You may ask ONE question a day and only one. Then use the search button to better understand the answer. In 30 days of doing this you will likely be the most knowledgeable. “Yet inexperienced “ contractor in your area.
This is seriously my best advice.
You may now ask your ONE question today. Please be specific.


Very funny guys.

Anyway, I’m only about two months into powerwashing, but here are my thoughts.

Many will suggest you get a belt drive machine, which is all good and well until you realize they run about $1500 new. I have a direct drive 4000psi/4gpm machine and it works very well. Found one locally for about $900, with CAT pump no less. Do NOT get anything less than 4gpm.

Hoses. I really like my single wire grey rubber hose my GF found in Amazon. Don’t be tempted to get anything at Lowes, especially Simpson. Just too slick and hard to handle. Get 150’, trust me.

The $100 stainless surface cleaner I got at the store actually works very well, if you’re on a budget.

Before hooking up your water supply hose from a house, make absolutely sure you can get at least 5gpm from that tap. You’d be surprised how many can’t meet that. One of my first houses was only putting out about 2-3gpm and my pump wasn’t happy.

Before starting your machine pull the wand trigger and let the water run for a good two minutes to be sure all air is out of the lines.


Here is some of the stuff you can consider


If you have enough saved to not go bare minimum then go as high GPM as you can afford. Going up to 8 GPM will need a buffer tank that you may be able to get by without if you had a 4 GPM machine but it will clean much faster.

I bought a 4 GPM machine and now wish I went to at least 5.5 GPM to start. It will serve as a back up machine when I upgrade later. Prime example of why you should read first. If I had known I would have went larger.


4gpm seems like a good starter in my opinion. Because once you decide this is a business you want to continue to do. There will be times you will pull out your 4gpm for places with a bad water run off or for a place that will puddle up real bad if you use your 8 gpm just seems like a good back up machine in my opinion.


You’ll hear a lot of guys say they wish they started out with a 5.5 or 8. I’m glad I started with a 4gpm direct drive PW. I learned a lot with it and made good money. Starting out small makes you appreciate newer and more powerful equipment. For me a 5.5 along with a m5ds tip is a sweet spot for house washing. I think if I did a ton of flatwork I would want a 8gpm but I can wash most houses I come across in 1-1.5 hours so no need to upgrade at this point. Although others might disagree I recommend starting with a $900 direct drive 4gpm…decide if you actually like pressure washing…if you do upgrade to a 5.5gpm gear drive on the same motor after a year.