New hydrotek sc3009kaf pressure question

Ive got a new sc3009kaf, 8gpm hot water skid with a kohler 27hp and generator… Tried the burner for the first time today on a fleet wash… We were using a turbo nozzle, but when we turned the burner on, the turbo nozzle seemed to lose pressure. With the burner off, goes back to full power. I put a pressure gauge right at the output of the burner, and it read 3000psi, even when the turbo nozzle was fizzling. Anyone know why?

I don’t believe all turbo nozzles are rated for heat…

You should think about putting two turbo nozzles on one wand. With 8GPM it’s pretty impressive.

Assuming you are employing a size #5.5 or #6 Turbo nozzle on a single gun and with your high pressure hot water source machine being the higher flow SC30009KAF (8.3 GPM), your device is likely seeing a “single gun” surge of hot water that is approaching or exceeding the turbo nozzle’s rated temperature, some can go up to 212F. This can result in a noticeable reduction in the turbo’s speed. Try turning down the thermostat to a lower temperature & see if that influences the performance. If it does, you may consider either buying a larger orificed turbo nozzle or keep the temperature adjusted lower to your turbo nozzle specifications.

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