New guys trailer

Hey guys, just went out and bought this trailer knowing nothing about pressure washing. Hit a few houses for some friends but looking for any advice on anything else I might need on the trailer. Or what y’all think about the set up

You bought a trailer without knowing anything about pressure washing?

On a side note, do you know anything about pellet stoves or snow blowers? If not, message me…


You also don’t have a bleach tank from the looks of it, might wanna invest in one unless you only plan to do flatwork

I put the sh and surfactant In the big tank… should I have a separate tank for just bleach?

If your using that as a buffer tank then you don’t want to put anything but water in it, that’s a massive downstream tank if that is the case

Most people would assume that your tank is the buffer/water tank( I did too). But when I zoomed in on the pics, it seems to be a combination of a downstream/soft wash tank of some sort, and your pumps are fed directly from the garden hose - you should be able to easily answer that.

There might be some rules/regulations which apply to transporting bleach in a tank of that size(looks like 125gal), but some of the people with knowledge on that would have to chime in.I

Yea man the guy was soft washing with it too, I had more questions once I got home from buying it. But I’ll figure it out

I don’t see a surface cleaner, which you would want for driveways.

More importantly, since you said you know nothing about pressure washing - 4000psi can damage residential concrete “irrepairably” - you might want to get insurance and start reading on this forum, like a lot, before it is too late.

Edit: initially I said 2500psi, but what I meant to say is that ~2500psi is the recommended pressure for cleaning residential concrete.

Yea the surface cleaner was in the garage

Do you think the guy was using that tank to soft wash roofs and using the same tank with the same mix to down stream?

I simply can’t tell because I can’t see your actual plumbing configuration.

I can keep guessing, but regardless, I have no actual experience, so take what I say with a big grain of salt.

Edit: but yes, I would guess that, what looks like, Delavan 12v pump is set up for roof washing.

I believe over 400lbs requires DOT hoops to be jumped through. That would be 40 gallons. I’ve heard 1000lb figures, 100 gallons. Either way, I think this would be over the limit. And I have definitely heard that if SH has ever been mixed it qualified as such.