New guy, saying thank you

I was under the false understanding that everything needed a “pressure” washer. After reading here and watching numerous YouTube videos I am grasping the soft wash.
I stumbled across this site and forum looking for chemical ideas.

A buddy of ours used to rave about the chemicals the guy who cleaned their house used, he said the spider webs would just melt right off during washing. That is what led me here, then I find out it is really just SH.

Well, my wife hates the spider webs that develop around the lights and the front of the house. I knock them down with a broom but there is always residue.
This weekend I grabbed my little electric Sun Joe washer and mixed up some SH and water. Didn’t have any “real” surfactant but a little free and clear detergent dropped in worked.
It didn’t seem to be doing much (using soap tip) and then I realize my washer wasn’t sucking up the chemicals (some issue with the pump drawing, I might or might not worry about trying to fix).
Loaded up my hand pump sprayer instead and went to it.

Dang that worked well. Really well.
Listened to everyone’s tips and did a lot of pre spraying and moving plants and then rinsed everything off afterwards.
No brushing, and not shoving the wand down the individual siding pieces to get them “clean”, just a good rinse.
Hit one spot twice and it was as good as new.
Siding clean, vinyl window frames clean. Gutter, All around the light fixtures.

I had previously sprayed something on house and then went at it with a brush and then rinsed it hard to try and remove the dirt. Took forever.

Great information.
Just ordered up a gallon of eLemonator, which should last me longer than it will last on the shelf.

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