New guy in oregon but been lurking

New to the business. Decided a month ago to go all in and of course didnt find this place until a couple weeks ago after buying a PW.

Equipment list is as follows so far (still aquiring):

-Simpson PW 4400 psi 4gpm (seems to be the newbie trap)
-Backup something with a newish 2800 psi 3gpm pump (I think) and honda GS160 engine.
-Rigid 18" sc
-Turbo nozzles and then the basics plus 2 story ones
-Foam cannon thing
-Couple different guns/wands
-Telescoping wand
-5x8 single axle trailer with ramp
-100’ garden hose
-100’ of PW hose
-Roof safety harness kit
-Leaf blower
-2000 watt inverter generator
-2 hose reels (on order)
Eyeing a hotbox for sale a 100 miles north of me
Have an extra 1000-1500 to spend on equipment.

Now I’m just researching and open to suggestions. Not going to ask the same questions every other person who reads 2 posts in 3 minutes ask.
Just making myself known and saying hi.

Here comes my one new guy question though.

I seen somewhere a few guys on here live and work in oregon. I am not looking to piss on your parade or any of that. My work will primarily be lane county, eugene/Springfield.
With that said.
I’m really interested in finding a mentor. Nothing holding me to an area. So no problems traveling within the state to you for a day or 3. I will work for free and bring my own lunch money. Just want to learn and to be given constructive criticisms.
I dont want to wash out or rage quit this new endeavour due to lack of knowledge of basic skills you all have.


Another FNG that has some stuff and is trying to learn things. In Hope’s of finding someone to yell at me.

I’m in Portland. I’d be happy to answer a few questions here and there. We are working on back to back commercial projects. Hope you do well.