New guy in need of advice!

I recently started a power washing company small weekend and occasional week night jobs and I’ve been doing well and getting tons of estimates most of which wind up sticking. I do have a few questions which I feel will help smooth out my job process…
I bought xjet m5 which I love very easy to use applies Sh solution without going through your guns but at the end, all of my hoses, nozzle and siphon are covered in Bleach…how the heck do I rinse off bleach without buying some super expensive bleach neutralizer? Is there any kind of soak I can do over night for my attachments so I don’t risk ruining my nozzles and hoses?
I may be using too much bleach…I mix w gain laundry detergent for my surfactant. Bought 5 gallon jug and I use the proportioner to take the math out of equation…do you suggest I dilute and do a batch ratio or is what I am doing fine? In addition the 5 gallon jug I bought off the site specifically for power washing and using x jet leaks and I’m at a loss for words I spent $45 on it. I d like to know if anyone has any suggestions on what I can store my mix in that will not leak bc it’s getting all over my truck and my hands (well gloves) I got enough of it on my attachments! I come home afterwards and smell bleach for hours thinking it’s still on me
I’m having a lot of issues with excess puddling when I am surface cleaning…I stop and sweep away the low spots but it keeps coming back. Eventually it dries but it’s hard to tell which spots I have gone over with the surface cleaner and which spots I have not…any suggestions on making life easier in these instances. I am sure there is a simple solution I am just not thinking of
My quick connects and ball valve are starting to get rusted after only maybe 10 jobs or so…not only are they rusting but it’s extremely difficult to detach them and switch form gun to lance to surface cleaner and then take it all apart at the end…should I use some kind of plumbers lube to make easier to attach and detach?

I think that’s it for right now any and all insight is well appreciated…please don’t roast me on the part time thing I have a good job so does my wife I’m just a hustler and always had a part time gig going on ever since I could remember. I’m here in Philadelphia so it’s definitely seasonal so I’m trying to get it while it’s hot right now and I can get the jobs. before I know it, it will be October.

If anyone sees a young them in my post please message me as I’m definitely in need of a seasoned monitor!


2, ditch the xjet and start downstreaming. Get a remote control box while you’re at it.

3, standard problem with surface cleaning. You generally have to remember where it’s been cleaned or not. Suttner makes an attachment that siphons out standing water.

4, make sure you’re getting the quality stainless fittings and not some cheap crap that rusts. I usually hit my fittings with silicone spray before each job.

I’ve only been doing this for three years but you remind me of myself when I first started.

Thanks for the advise! I have a j rod and all for down streaming but in my opinion it cleans less efficiently then the xjet only because it doesn’t shoot as high and doesn’t use bleach. Remember I have xjet to use bleach specifically I will not be running bleach through my hoses or machine so I use simple green when I do down stream thus not getting as thorough of a clean. I’d definitely be willing to give it a go but I’d have to find something other then bleach to do so.

Glad to hear my surface cleaning issues is a common one…I will definitely look into the one you suggested.

As for the fittings I guess I will get myself some type of lubricsting spray…you said you use silicone spray would something like WD-40 work? It’s not that it’s inside of the fitting it’s the quick connects getting stuck and not pushing down to release.

As for cleaning the bleach off my attachments to avoid any corrosion and type of soak I can do over night? What’s your tricks?

Thanks man some solid advice so far!

Downstreaming is intended to be used with bleach, that’s what we all do. You’ll be fine running it through your hose if you decide you’d like to go for it. One big plus is you wouldn’t have to lug that bucket around with you the whole time as with the x-jet

Yes that bucket definitely is a pain in the ■■■ haha but I’m definitely nervous to run in through my hose and machine bc it not only voids the warranty god forbid the machine stops running but as compared to xjet it keeps it completely out so it seemed like a better option then to run it through. Again I know many use the downstream and run it through there machines but bleach leaves a heavy residue that is corrosive aren’t you worried about that eventually being the end all be all to your machines?

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Using a jrod and a downstream chemical injector allows you to run the bleach/soap mix into the hose AFTER the pump. Much safer than using the standard chemical injector on your pump. If your meg nozzle selection is correct on the jrod then you should easily be able to hit the top of a two story home.

@CFish here’s a pic of what the downstream chemical injector looks like when installed directly after the pump ( see red box )

Ok I see on your but mine has a quick connect that connect to siphon tube

Yes, that’s what we are referring to. That tube goes into a bleach tank and typically draws a 1-10 ratio on a small machine like yours.

Stop using that simple green.

Trust us, don’t argue…just do it. I did the same thing back in 2018-2019, these guys steered me straight.


Yup, simple green is a watered down home owner product, try to find yourself a source for 10.5-12.5% SH, whether a pressure washer supplier store, pool supply store or even Walmart or Home Depot in a pinch they should all be better for your $. You should be able to find this and get a much higher concentration of bleach, for much cheaper. And as stated before that down stream injector goes after your pump so you don’t have to worry about it ever corroding it!

Thanks for the helpful advice…as stated I have the j rod I guess just a newbie being scared to run bleach through my hoses but I know from the little bit of experience I have and I mean little that bleach cleans way better…as for the lubricant for my quick connects I picked up some blaster multi max from Lowe’s it’s multipurpose lubricant…I am heading to a job now so hopefully once I turn off my ball valve and go to switch to lance or surface cleaner I won’t have as much trouble removing and adding attachments

I think I will be following ur suggestions…should I use straight bleach or mix w water…I use pool essentials and gain laundry detergent w proportioner but If you think it would be best to dilute the bucket with water bleach and surfactant I could do that too I just didn’t know the proper mixture but now since I’m going to downstream instead of using the M5 I probably should next batch

Might be worth slowing down a bit and doing some reading on here.

-Adjust your mix depending on what you’re washing (substrate, type of stain).
-Consider a professional surfactant. B
-Buy quality qcs.
-Use your gun to attach to everything (including the SC) so you don’t need a ball valve

Honestly I feel like you’re barreling towards an insurance claim; I don’t mean that in a hurtful way. It’s just that a lot of your questions have shown you need to spend more time researching how your equipment works and the industry-standard procedures that will keep you from damaging clients’ homes


Yup I agree, don’t worry you’ve come to the right place for research, try searching before asking for most things using the search bar on here as it’s probably been asked before. Do your dues reading through this forum each day and you’ll be much more confident and heading towards being a reliable professional in no time. It’s not rocket science, but is necessary. Good luck my man :+1: we all start somewhere, and this is the best place to start!


Simple Green is a degreaser. Unless you’re cleaning grease or oil you don’t need a degreaser. Most homes have organics on them (algae, mildew, etc) which requires bleach. We ALL run bleach through our hoses. It all gets flushed out when rinsing the house. Plus, it’s such a low concentrate it doesn’t hurt it. The chemical injector is placed after your pump so it won’t hurt it. Hose is a consumable which will need replaced. Sometimes as much as multiple times each season.

I agree with @Jake_Lambert . Spend some time reading through past threads. You’ll learn stuff you had no idea you needed to learn. All the answers you need can be found on here.

Get some Slo Mo for surfactant. Save the Gain for washing the bleach smell out of your clothes.


Tongue is a little bloody


:laughing: you don’t have to bite it THAT hard


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Thanks for the roasting haha I’m good man I’ve been using bleach again out of a xjet but today I did a 2500 sq ft house w the jord and it worked way better like suggested earlier…no claims yet I’ve washed many houses so far only 11 so far as an official business but I did this as a side work for a power washing company for last summer so I have a little experience but not much…thanks for all the advice I’ll make sure to take it all into consideration