New guy from north ms

Hey guys just wanted to stop and introduce myself. I’m Jordan from the north MS area. Newish to the forum and PWing. I have learned so much from all of you in just a short time. I’m looking to go full time next season. Thanks for all you guys fo fir this community. I look forward to participating in threads and sharing my experiences in the upcoming months.

Welcome. Where at in north Mississippi

Northeastern Corner. About 30 minutes from TN line. @Kps0410 are you from MS?

Yes, right outside of Brandon

Small world.


Welcome friend.

Thanks for the welcomes. @Kps0410 I’m curious what you think about the market in Mississippi. Is it over saturated? Since we live a decent distance from one another could I pick your brain in a private message?

Absolutely. Pick away. Around here it’s pretty competitive. Competition has never bothered me. The customers you want don’t base their decisions solely on price. Give them a great presentation make them feel confident that you’re the one they want and you’ll be fine

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Message sent

Why did the change state abbreviations to 2 letters. I never know if MS is Mississippi or Missouri, Alaska and Alabama throw me. Why change what works? NC I’m ok with. At least I know I’m home. Remember when you only had to dial the last 4 digits of a phone number after you made sure your neighbor wasn’t on the party line?

Those were good times. Us boys had fun with party lines

Y’all are speaking before my time lol

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I vaguely remember party lines. Hahaha