New guy from KY

Hi, my name is Brian and I have been pressure washing since 1994; however, haven’t been all that serious about it until now. I have always worked a full-time job and did this more for the enjoyment of getting paid to be outdoors. As I get older, I have more of an interest in growing my business – especially with the market/economy the way it is. I joined primarily to network with others, gain advice and have a support system the way it is set up here. This seems like a great group of people to learn from. Noticed some previous posts on soda blasting, I have some experience in that and can help with some questions. (maybe)

That’s great! The more the depth of experience broadens and deepens the better the group gets.
Thanks in advance for your help.


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Welcome Brian

Welcome, Brian

Welcome Brian. Where are you at in KY? We are in west KY. Paducah

Good to see you in here Brian. Im looking forward to getting your site up and running next week and helping you expand your biz.

Welcome Brian

Kentucky is coming on strong in the PWRA.
Who is next?

I am in Cadiz, just an hour from Paducah. Maybe Ill see you around Rance.

Kentucky showing strong presence.

Welcome Brian

Welcome Brian. I just joined not long ago and it’s been the best decision I have made in a while. It has saved me over $700 already and that was just one transaction. Good luck growing your business.