New guy, first post

Hello everyone I’m Mike! Just wanted to introduce myself to everyone on the forum. A little about me…I’ve been doing Window Cleaning part time for about 3 years now as a side job. I also have a management position for a large business but have always wanted to work for myself. I’ve recently picked up PW slowly as I continue to learn the in and outs of this trade. I decided to add PW to my business as I continually get asked from customers if I could do it. I figured I’d wait at least until I had a days worth of read time before I made an intro. I just want to thank everyone who shares there knowledge on here as it’s been a big help for me as I continue to learn.


Welcome mike!

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Welcome…from a 23 year window cleaner.:+1:

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Oh, look! ANOTHER yankee. Great…

Just kidding man welcome aboard!


Now that was a great introduction !! No ,Hey this is my first post, how much would you charge? how do I do this? how do I fix my mess up?
That’s why ya’ll confederates lost the war. To needy, and didn’t adapt correctly. :joy:
Welcome aboard @Mjvwindows