New construction Concrete with skid steer marks

Had a sub contractor I do a lot of work for call me today wanting me to look at removing skid steer marks off of newly poured concrete. It’s been poured about 3 weeks. It’s at a new school and the head contractor wants them removed. I told him that you don’t want to wash concrete that new but he insisted that it had to be done. Just wanting to get some opinions on if there is anything I can spray on and use heat and light Pressure to get them up.

F9 Groundskeeper and adjustable wand

Walk away. You will make more money not doing it


You can spray it with Cleano and wipe it up with a paper towel if you wanted

SH and soft wash it… whatever comes out comes out

Hot water/low pressure rinse. Hit it with EBC, light agitation with a broom, Dwell, hot water/low pressure rinse. Collect check and move on.

Pretty much any butyl based cleaner will handle that, if I’m not mistaken. But I’m with @Innocentbystander

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I told him that I will give it a try and see what I can do and that I didn’t want to give him a price but rather an hourly cost. He was ok with that, he just wants it up. Like I said he throws me a lot of work so I hate to just tell him no.


You are going to make the screwed up concrete your problem not his. Don’t clean newly poured concrete.

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