New construction brick

We’ve been contacted by a large masonry contractor to give an estimate to clean 3 large apartment buildings that he’s finishing up now. All totally brick and new construction so I’m assuming it’s not just washing but also cleaning of the left over morter on the brick. I have no experience with this so I’m looking for some guidance. Will a spray on with our roof pump and rinse with the 8gpm be the best method for this and if so, what chemicals? Will it also require hand scrubbing? He said he has jobs in 4 major cities around us so we’re really hoping to land this client and perform a spectacular job.
Thank you
Hoosier Power Wash
Bedford Indiana

You need an acid made specifically for this. Diedrich and Prosoco have products I’ve used before. There will probably be items that need masked, and you should plan to do some scrubbing/scraping. It’s quickest by far if you find something that can be cut 4 or 5 to one with water so you can xjet it. Most products require you prewet the brick, then apply, then scrape, then re-apply, then power wash. Charge accordingly. If some of the brick is more than a month old it can be really stubborn. It’s better to scrape mortar tags with a spare brick or wooden scraper than metal so you don’t scratch anything. You won’t be able to soft wash and get results, so you definitely need a lift for two or three stories.