New business truck


Got me a new truck…

Didn’t need it but after this tax season I decided that rather than send the money to the government…I would spend the money myself. Didn’t help me on last years tax, it should for this year.



Good looking truck Jim! :+1:


What machine is that? Thought you had a pp. that looks like a hydrotek


Hydramax…it is one that the resident guru likes to diss…but it has be great for me. It has a GX690, GP pump, Beckett burner, remote unloader…it has been great. This unit is made in Calhoun, Ga.

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I’ve looked at those and talked to them. Relatively close. The heaters they use suppose to be pretty good.


I have used my heater a good bit…now, I don’t do nearly as much as most folks that have them probably do…but I have been tickled with the heater…I would have never thought that using the heater would be so easy…just flip the switch and pull the trigger, it will be hot pretty soon. And, I think it is pretty good on fuel…seems to burn about 3/4 of a gal per hour for 150-180 degrees.


Thanks @Sasquatch

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Don’t use that burner when washing your truck. It will probably melt that aluminum body!


I got the one that doesn’t have to be washed.


I’m just giving you a hard time. Did you get the coyote or one of those fancy turbo thingamajigs?


I wish we could just build a wall around our money and keep the government out.


Nice truck sir!,congratulations

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Now that’s a wall I wouldn’t mind funding!


I got the one of the thingamjigs.:grinning:

Never had one…decided to try one. So far, I am impressed with mileage and power…but it is a truck, after all. I have owned a pile of Mustang V8’s…and I was tempted to get the Coyote but it was not really worth it for a work truck. This was just a plain truck and should have been easy to find…except you can’t hardly find a reg cab, short bed truck…that was all I wanted. I already have a 4 door pickup and didn’t need another.


Thanks, @Hotshot


You got that right @squidskc …piss on sending them more money…I already pay enough taxes.

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I just wrote 2 checks for $5k+ to the Feds. I think I got off cheap. :flushed:


@Sasquatch I hate when that happens. That is money thrown away, in my opinion.

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Nice Truck! Looks like its missing two doors though :slight_smile:

I sure do miss having a white truck they look so clean.

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You did. I wrote one check for $24K to uncle S. I literally had to chew up a TUMS as I sealed up the envelope.

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