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Hello all I don’t think informerly introduced my self. My name is Brandon and my business is called Libbey’s Power Washing. I’m in the Hampton roads area of Virginia. I started my business back in August this year working out the back of my truck using a 4/4K machine and basic setup with 16” surface cleaner. This site has been very helpful in knowledge and tips. I’m not new to pressure washing but new to making this as a business. What I would like to know is if there is anyone in the tidewater/ Hampton roads area that would like to meet and maybe get a few local area pointers. Would like to have someone near by if I ever needed help or questions. Free lunch or dinner to whoever takes me up :joy:. Thanks for all y’all knowledge and help. @MrSparkleVA maybe. I see your pretty active here and in my area.

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I would be delighted to help. There’s more business around here than all of us at this forum could handle. The key will always be to get those folks motivated to call, and to call us. @Donut is also local and knowledgeable. I’m quite certain he would also jump at the chance to help a friendly competitor. We’d much rather you do a job right and at the right price than to spoil the opportunity for future cleaners.


Thank you! Let me know when you have time. And yes I through research I found pricing in our area is nowhere near as high as some of the pricing I see on this forum :man_facepalming:t3: I feel I’m on the lower end of range since I’m new and trying to gain business. I have insurance now and am trying to get some commercial work but that seems hard and very cut throat around here just to get steady work. If you or @Donut would like to meet up that would be great. Not out here trying to steal anybody customers or undercut anyone just want to get some help with what I do and stay in my lane. I don’t do window cleaning yet and really don’t expect to or want to in the next year. I feel confident in softwashing and pressure cleaning and that’s where my focus is. But yes there is definitely a lot of work out here and like you said it’s just the matter of people wanting to do it. I tried reaching out to another pressure wash company in the area and he wasn’t so eager to help or friendly. Won’t say the name here though.

Dont sell yourself short in window cleaning. Windex, a roll of paper towels, and maybe a step ladder is all you need.

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Like @MrSparkleVA said, there is plenty of work around, just a matter of make customers realize it. Pricing is something that takes time, but it also varies… i might be at $160 in April, but $200 in July just becuase schedule is full.

I personally shoot for $100 an hour… sometimes im over and sometimes im not. But regardless of using a 2.5 gpm or (2) 8 gpm machines, a $150 job is still $150 job, if it takes 4 hours or 30 minutes. You can try and get more, you can settle for less. Its all about what you meed to be successful.

Some people, @squidskc have no problems sharing that they are charging a premium, and i imagine getting that price more often than not since he buys a new project truck every time he signs in. Charging more is fine if people pay it, its why i pay extra for Toyota trucks than finding a Geo Tracker or Suzuki X90.

I understand trying to fill a schedule and get business off the ground, but gotta make sure your profitable and not settling for chump change. There is a thread now about a dude that charges $79. But you better believe he is doing a house quicker than the clown that charges $79 for a 2200 sq ft house with his troy bilt machine.


Gahhh!! You’re making me twitch, lol


Sorry, i left out a gallon of distilled water… thats my bad.

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I have a pressure washing kit to sell you…

Even comes with a hose reel!


Window cleaners special?

Seriously, like the idea of integrated hose reel though.

I usually shoot for $75 hour minimum being it’s just me. I have passed on jobs just because people were trying to haggle price and nickel and dime things. Just wouldn’t be worth my time or use of equipment. Yes I need the money and work but not working for crackhead prices either. Because once you do one house for dirt cheap the other 50 neighbors going to expect the same. I’ve made enough in 3 months to pay for the truck I bought and all equipment. It’s just a matter of getting more work now. I had to stop
Myself from spending too much personal money in the business and let each new job pay for the next upgrade or exspense. You get out what you put in in anything but I spent all I could afford on a little bit of advertising in September. Trying to save up to get a good solid start come spring because without advertising especially being a new business it’s going to be hard for me book anything at first.

Please continue doing window cleaning with this method, and advising others. It’s great for my business.


LOL, when you think you are giving great advice and it turns out you are stuck with some windex and a roll of paper towels for your troubles :slight_smile:


Is this your full-time job? You are on here frequently.

@Donut is a cool cat, just picking on him. This is my full time gig and pretty much my social outlet.

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I’m still doing this for windows :cry:
But my technique is getting pretty solid!!!
I think by June I’ll be xeropure!!!

It wud take a lotta money, a stupid amount, for me to clean windows and at that i would have to have a gurantee from every customer there would be no complaining and no redo…


Lol part of the reason I just don’t want to clean windows. Yea I lose some here and there but I just can’t stand it. You should see the windows in my truck and you would understand :rofl:

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Huh? Keep that up and I’ll stop speaking so highly of you!


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It’s hard to keep picking up the squeegee and easy to get frustrated. Your not going to be awsome at it first window. It a must offer around here to break into the big commercial market. All the big businesses want one stop shopping. It’s not the biggest money maker but I think in the end the payoff will be worthwhile.

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