New business/New member


First and foremost I’d like to thank everybody for all the valuable information you’ve all posted on this website. I’m new to the pressure washing industry and just starting out I purchased two pressure washers a 4400 PSI Simpson 4 gallon per minute and I’ve also purchased a 3,000 PSI 2.4 gallon a minute Simpson pressure washer.

I did a couple houses last year I down streamed 10% sh with good results.

I was straight downstreaming mixed with some elemonator and a good splash of krud putter. (3 gallons of bleach, 4oz elemo, and about half a gallon of krud kutter)

Used a pump sprayer 50/50 mix for the hard spots.

Just wanted to introduce myself and once again thank everybody for all the great advice they’ve given.


Next advice, research some more before you wash anything else. Your mix is going to cost you money when you mess up a house