same lady , different dress? Ill take a 1st gen then.


PM me

Send me a pm. Just created a account to buy one so I cant pm yet.

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I was also going to ask you this as I just received my injector today. That’s exactly what I guessed. And arrow would definitely help.

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Armed with the knowledge of which way an injector gets oriented without the need to refer to any directional arrows, there will be no stopping you guys! :wink:

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Thank you for putting the work in on this. 447 comments and this is the one I was looking for.


I’ve used mine on four housewashes now. It works fine, no hang ups yet, does seem to pull a bit more than the GP. I need to do a bucket test to verify but been stupid busy lately.

I agree about the arrow, I did have to check my GP for orientation.

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Has anybody run one of those Y connectors with an Envirospec dual suds sucker and a number 3 nozzle in an 8 GPM?

Is that an interest this group has?

This one?

Yes sir. I have the Y barb fitting and before I bought your injector, I was going to do a draw test with both injectors pulling through a Y Barb from the bleach tank.

Anything from Envirospec should be avoided and the SSS is simply a rebranded GP injector. You want to think it pulls more because you over paid for it. I know I did.

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Actually I want to physically Test and see for myself. I bought it to Test and verify. If it works as advertised then great. If not, then I have an extra injector. Picked up one of the bullet proof injectors as well.

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My take on the dual fed injectors is you’re just splitting the vacuum between two inlet ports instead of getting it all on one.


That’s my take, as well. The one advantage I see to them, is the ability to pull soap and SH separately, (theoretically) prolonging the life of the SH, since adding soap to the tank can degrade it a little faster.

Also, I found that scent additives seem to last longer/go further when not added directly to the bleach tank.

I’ve thought about what you suggested regarding using a y fitting with check valves, and I’m nervous that the injector won’t pull adequate vacuum to open the check for the soap side, since that side would be metered down for a tiny amount of flow compared to the bleach side.

@dperez Will be pushing up to a more robust unit in the future, and from this thread it seems this would be the right investment. Would this work with a 2-3 GPM machine?

Yes, absolutely! You’ll be able to get an extremely rich dilution ratio. You can meter your chemical flow as needed. You’ll be able to simply trade out the injector nozzle to a larger orifice when you upgrade to a larger flowing machine.

I have a 5.5 GPM machine, do you have a website to order from or FB?

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I have not started on the website. If you send me a pm with your email address I can then send you out an invoice. Pricing is as follows…

The Gold Standard Injector $200
Metering Kit (14pc.) $13
Rebuild Kit $35
Flate Rate shipping to the lower 48 states $10