New Build

starts here…

Cool. whats your plan for it?

great base to start with so what are your plans for it?

I’m going with 2 8gpm landas …putting this bed on a forward cab truck …I’ve been too busy to work on it much We took to box off the truck today

slt8 ?

yes … one hot and one cold . Other than that ,I have no ideas on what i want to go with it …Do you think a 325 gal tank or a 525 gall

Tony, definitely the bigger tank if you ever plan to run both 8 gpm machines at the same time.

Or do 2 supply lines…

I’ve watched Guy Blackmon drain his 525 quick with running 2 8’s at once…

Please don’t be insulted but when I first read this I though you said a 2.8gpm. I was like WTH?!

That’s awesome. I’m looking forward to following your build. Please post as many pics and info that you can

Tony, you’ve seen my setup which is two 8.5gpm machines with a 275 gal tote as the buffer tank. I have a 2" fitting at the bottom which I installed a 2" tee, which I reduce down to 1 1/4" (inch and a quarter) for each output of the tee, with each one feeding a inch and a quarter line to each machine.

If I have the tank full, sometimes the water supply from the customers spigot is not supplying the tank at 17gpm which is what I am pulling from the tank if both machines are running. So, I have had occasions where we have to stop and wait for the water to refill the tank, which kinda kills the efficiency of running two machines! Thus I say the bigger tank if you plan on running both at the same time

new pic from today removing box …and prepping for paint

Go with a 525 tank Buddy, and install a hydrant fill on the truck to your tank, you’ll be glad you did. You may not need a 525 tank but there will definitely come times when you will need the extra volume, believe me it will save you time and money in the long run.

 more pics<img src="/community/uploads/default/original/2X/0/028485f0537b6c3e38fe495eb4d6937a8abe1c3e.jpg" width="668" height="500"><br/><img src="/community/uploads/default/original/2X/0/003bd6f0056021db255a358e9f6fbb7635a4da59.jpg" width="668" height="500"><br/><img src="/community/uploads/default/original/2X/f/fcd5f9c20a3ea95f403cec2aa63c98432c0e799c.jpg" width="668" height="500"><br/>

I have a 550 gallon tank and a 325 my two 8.5s suck them down pretty quick i an replacing the 325 with another 550 to help a little we dont do a ton of flat work but when we do we are usually doing sidewalks or commons areas for a hoa alot of them have no club house just lost of individual home. So we have to bring our own water . If i only did residential 500 would me more than enough you could always run to supply lines.

  one made it in ...<img src="/community/uploads/default/original/2X/0/0419aa3f22012ab093644503188d328a1d984793.jpg" width="375" height="500"><br/>

couple of more pics… should start getting this togather next week

You will need the 525 for sure I have 2 8.5 and it goes real fast …