New Benefit- PWRA Payroll by Paychex

Full service payroll processing with all the bells and whistles for Pressure Washing Resource Association members.

Don’t miss the webinar on Thursday outlining all the benefits.
Registration is in the member section.

Members be sure to sign up for this one here -

Do they offer work comp insurance as a pay as your payroll goes option for our industry?

When I had Paychex they did.

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How did this go and when can we view this again?

Replay will air this weekend… Minor technical difficulties last night… but it happened… We are re recording a slimmed down version today. Long story short $39 a month… For full service, lots of bells and whistles payroll… no hidden fees… Its as cheap as it gets.

Chris, was that with them doing quarterlies also?

Wow $39 a month is really good Chris, with all reporting? Any limit to # of employees or weekly vs biweekly pay periods?

I think they said 2$ per employee after 10. And you can run payroll everyday if you want for the same price. We are signing up Monday. Been using intuit but for 10 more bucks a month seems like paychex has much better support and function.

[MENTION=6139]John Doherty[/MENTION]

Yep what Brian said… First thing Monday it will be live for sign ups…

This is an awesome benefit . Tremendous savings… One thing that wasn’t addressed , what if you are already with Paychex?

I think you still get the discount. [MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION] ?

[MENTION=7127]amc services[/MENTION]

Yep if your an existing user they will just transfer your account over to the new program.

Thanks Chris

This is proving to be a great benefit.

Yep we switched over to it, it’s very affordable.

We switched over to. The guys should be getting paid for the first time thru Paychex next week. Just another cool benefit for my business thru the PWRA-- very cool.