Need to pick some brains on this Asphalt Roof Job

Excuse me ? So you hop on the thread to insult me and call me names and the have the audacity to ask me if “I’ve started my build” heck outta here man… lol … if I knew you were sincerely interested then I’d love to talk… but the way you hopped in…. Nah :rofl: ain’t no way man… all these insults for no reason are cracking me up. Now why would you ask a “hobo” that question? You know I probably cant even afford a single pump! :rofl::rofl:

One way to do it is to use a higher flowing pump sprayer. I like the dewalt ones with the high flow tip. Still slow but you can nuke those stains with zero runoff, minimal overspray and you wont use much sh. It’s slow but you save time with property protection and all that. I use this method when the job is really small or when there is a koi pond below, etc.

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This whole thing gets crazier when you realize that old dude has been a member here for nearly seven years, has four hours of read time, and has “been in business” as a wash contractor for nearly seven years but has no clue what chemicals to use for a pollen house wash.

AI indeed.

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Yet… here you are obsessed… still talking about me… lol :joy: go ahead and reply … I’m on lunch … go clean some clients homes or something man… :rofl:

That’s impossible for Texan whatever… he’ll never shut up lol

Just amused. Nothing more :grin:

Thanks Jason! Yea dude my softwash build will take time so I was hoping to find a powered long range chem sprayer for this one to get it knocked out… :thinking:


I’ve been using these for past year or so and they seem to work well. I still bag if runoff going to be heavy, but a lot of places around here have their downspouts piped to those little popup heads in yard. Have never burned one using these.


Yep, we’ve been using them for a year or so too. Never tested them to see if they work, but so far no issues anywhere we’ve used them. I don’t think they get used on every wash, but when there’s any concern they leave them behind. Also, no need to worry about rescheduling a roofwash when it looks like a chance of rain that afternoon anymore…

I’ve got to look into these … this looks extremely helpful…