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I need some reasons why hiring a company that uses ladders and high pressure to do house washing is bad and why soft washing is the way to go. I’m wanting to point out that using a ladder and high pressure is NOT professional. I have a competitor that has went to far with his mouth and I’m going to go after his market now. This is going to go on a 8.5x11 postcard I’m sending out. Thanks!

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My favorite smart wash picture. The last time this house was washed the owner rented a manlift and did it himself.

I found this in an email that I had sent my son a couple years ago. As best I can tell, it came from PTState.

You can explain to them that there are two ways to clean the exterior of a home, using high pressure at close range over the entire outer surface of the house, and then there’s the right way. The first way will take a lot longer, leave zebra stripes on solid surfaces, oxidation streaks on vinyl surfaces, damage stucco, push water behind vinyl for mold later on, wastes at least five times as much water, and has more potential for secondary property damage. The second method (soft wash) is a lot faster, requires less pressure, is less likely to damage any surfaces, saves water, leaves an even finish, but costs you more in chemicals. Bottom line: what looks like the most work, is not always the best work.

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I wouldn’t know how to say no ladders are needed in your marketing. We use ladders when we do “clean and flush” of the gutters and also on wood restoration of houses which can at times be “up close and personal” because cedar shake siding can break off if hit at an angle with the spray so we hit it a low pressure but usually on ladders.

Soft washing is a great term to market but the “no ladders” in there gives your competitor ammo to advertise to watch for the “Splash and Dash” companies…

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