Need peer review on new website

Hey Guys, I made this website based off of a template, I will be adding before/after pictures but I want to get you guy’s opinion on it.
If anything just give me the hard truth so that I can make it better.


hard to say without the pics, but i would suggest having a persistent button on the mobile screen for people to click at any time to contact. you can see it here on my page

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That’s a start! You need a clear call to action. “Learn more” won’t do you any justice. You could replace that with “Click here for FREE estimate!” Or “Tap to Call or Text”.

My website isn’t a work of art but it does convert.


i think your website looks pretty solid man did you do it yourself?

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Yes! I did

I’m saying this out of love and because I want you to do well. That website isn’t going to help. Get on google, make a business and buy a domain name through godaddy. Wordpress will hurt you. Eventually you need to hire it out but I understand waiting to do that.

I get most of my business to sign up for requests on my website through jobber which is my CRM.
My website isn’t perfect at all but it will give you an idea. I made it in a few hours but the most important part is having pictures.
Your website can be a big part of your business or not at all. Its up to you to decide the best way to communicate with customers and show them your work.

I used godaddy site builder for mine. Its one of the worst builders in terms of SEO ranking but I don’t really mind. Most of my business is through word of mouth or my trailer sign


Noted! Thank you for the advice!

The website doesn’t work well on mobile - which is what you need to optimize for. The majority of potential customers are going to be on your website on their phone.

Unless you need some very specific functionality then Wordpress really isn’t worth the hassle. Any of the out of the box website builders will let you build a page with some pictures, contact info, and a contact form which is all you really need to get started.

Also - if you don’t already have one, a Google My Business listing will bring you far more business than your website.


Your website is pretty rough and I hate to say, practically unusable on mobile. Your top menu consumes almost 50% of the screen. When you tap to expand the menu, it basically makes the screen look blank white, even though the menu items are actually off screen to the right. On your about us page, your button to book service doesn’t actually do anything, which is probably the worst of all. Your services section is light blue text on a white background, which is very hard to read. I guess pictures go there, so I have nothing more to add on that. You have no email contact information, which might cause people to avoid contact since not everybody wants to call or use SMS. You need pictures of some kind to entice people and a clear and easy way for people to get a quote since that has got to be the top reason people would be going to your website. Just these things would make a huge improvement.

Despite what others are saying, there is nothing wrong with WordPress. In fact, it is the backend for more than 40% of all websites. That said, you have got to get the “My WordPress” off the very top of your website.

Good luck!

Thanks for the feedback! This was definitely the rough draft of my website!! I may just start from scratch again.

Good job with your before and afters.

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Lots of trial and error. Then my phone broke and I had to get a new one and I don’t have a clue how this thing works

Your website looks amazing. Can you detail your process on how you hired out?

I’m glad you like it. I didn’t hire it out I just did it myself