Need new hose

What’s a good 100’ hose I can get for the intake to my buffer tank?

I’m partial to flexzilla. Stanley FatMax hose is supposed to be the same thing, just a different color.

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Harbor Freight water hose works great and it’s very tough. $29.99 for 100’. A bit heavy though but momma ain’t raise no sissies.

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My mama always said, stupid is as stupid does. lol

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This one ?

Nothing is like flexzilla, just fyi.

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I’m a Flexzilla fan myself. I have 200’ on the PW trailer and 100’ on my house. I can’t imagine why I would buy anything else. You should price shop for it, lots of different prices.

Flexzilla of course

Hard to beat $25 Walmart garden hose for price, durability and ease of purchase. It has far outlasted any flexilla hose of have tried. The Zero G stuff started leaking at the male end within a day and had separated working two.

I’ve been using continental from Home Depot for over a year without failure. I’m hard on hoses and they’re still going strong. Never kinks either.

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My harbor freight hose kinks when it gets below 60°. I’m hard on hoses too and these just hold up. Besides, like @Innocentbystander’s Walmart hose (thanks for supporting big blue, by the way) I can replace it for very little money and it is easily obtained. Also, that $29.99 price is for the 3/4". I think 5/8" is $24.99 for 100’.

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5/8 is what we use. 3/4 takes up way too much space on the reel

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No, the yellow stuff

I have 200’ of 3/4" on my reel and could probably fit another 200’ just fine. Maybe even 250’. I have the same massive Cox reel that Brodie has on his rig.

1/2 Goodyear Red Hose, to a Cox reel to a Hudson valve… Light and durable… I only roll off what I need and lock the reed… I carry 175 feet

Going on 6 years and it still looks new! I bought it by the foot though, so no crimps on it
Love it!

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You 2 @DisplacedTexan @Innocentbystander must have a bunch oh harbor freight and walmart stock…lol

Do you guys remember someone asked about brightly colored pw hoses to differentiate his company when he rolled up to a customer’s house :man_facepalming:

Yeah, that’s why we roll with flexzilla to show 'em we pros. hahaahaha

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Flexzilla lays pretty flat on my reel when I don’t pull it all of. I wonder if it’s restricting flow.

Do they sell Goodyear at homedepot ?

APEX 8650 , hot and cold 5/8. Have ran it since last September,full time, Tougher than a pine knot…