NEED more pressure on my 12V!

Hey guys hope everyone is well out there during this crisis. So I have a 12V system and all last season I ran a 7 GPM Everflo EF 7000 @ 60 PSI. It was constantly lacking justtt enough power to reach the far roof corners. Would changing to a different 7GPM 100 psi pump help me out. I am not interested in switching to gas or air diaphragm. Also what brands and models do you guys recommend.

Thanks in advance!

Currently looking at this model…

What are you using for a wand? How many 90’s do you have plumbed in? Are you running 1/2" the whole way? There might be an easier way to get a few more feet of reach

You should be getting at at least 30 feet with that size pump, even running it with 3/8. How much hose length are you running and what size. @Jake_Lambert mentioned the 90’s, those should be avoided at every cost on a 12v pump, or anything if flow is the idea. With plumbing think circle, not square.

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@MuscleMyHustle is right, I can shoot an arc clear over my 2-story and I’m running a 5gpm 60psi 12v. But I have no 90’s past the pump (except for the reel swivel) and I’m running 1/2" all the way

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True we avoided using 90’s