Need Help With My Last Connection for Roof Cleaning Setup

I have a 65 gal. tank for starters and the roof kit from Pressuretek. The Only connection I need to make now is from the tank to the provided inlet hose with strainer. The tank outlet is what I estimate to be 1 1/2" male and the strainer has no threads, just the housing it’s on. What am I missing?

The roof mix makes its way to the pump though a hose that has a piece of pvc pipe on it that is dropped into the top of the tank. Don’t use the outlet on the lower part of the tank. We usually put a screen bulb on the end of the pick up tube for a strainer.

Okay, I can picture that. But I thought the outlet level from the tank had to be higher than the inlet level of the pump.

This is roof cleaning brother, PW’ing rules don’t apply.

We use a 55 for mix tank, pulling from the bung. No problems. We just ordered two upright 80’s that are 44" high. We plan to pull from top of them as well.

Ohh! I guess I missed that in my reading. Well, I have the screen bulb in the tube. I just got some pvc, but it’s probably too small for the tube. No biggie, HD is only 7 miles away.
So, I just need to find a cap for the lower outlet.
Tim, do you install a shutoff anywhere on the feed hose?

Don’t go overboard on the size of the pick up tube. The pump has to vacuum that pipe full before it can spray.

Zach has valves everywhere. One shuts off the tube to the mix, another opens the line from the water tank to the inlet. One closes off the output line that goes to the reel, another one opens to a short hose to use for transfer. So yes, we have valves. That one that goes to the transfer output line is real handy for priming.

Be extra special double careful of connections on the intake side. Most roof pumps are very sensitive to leaks on the vacuum side. One other thing, roof money is not the same as glass money. I don’t know what your hourly targets are but 300 is not unrealistic for a low volume roof cleaner. Ymmv.

$60 is tolerable, but $80+ is more satisfactory. I could get into higher targets with higher overhead!
​Had to look up YMMV!