Need help with hard water stain removal without acid

Hello everyone. I am new to the forum but in business for 9+ years.

I have a customer wanting a couple of windows cleaned when I do the building. The sprinkler system has been on these windows and they are a mess. They are framed by anodized aluminum so I hesitate to use OneRestore. Can someone please give me some guidance or further information.

By the way - their window cleaner gave my name to them for the pressure cleaning of the property!

Hello Bruce How are you?..

Hey, Bruce!
It’s been a while, glad to see you around.

I hope you don’t mind that I changed the title of the thread to try to get more attention directed to the specific problem.

Cerium oxide.

Does anybody know of a chemical remedy that won’t affect the aluminum frames?

Anybody tried this yet?

I have somewhat the same issue. I was finishing up a post construction clean last night and
the client was super unhappy with what the sprinklers did to her porch.

This lady has a red brick porch, and her sprinkler system was hitting the porch for two days.
There is a bunch of hard water stains now on her red brick. It looks terrible!

What can I use to take that OFF!?!?!???

onerestore should be fine on those frames, may want to apply ART when done. Charge accordingly

Bruce, CC550 is a good solution on glass but since you don’t want an acid based solution I really only have one alternative. We have used the poor mans method in the past on hundreds of windows, commercial. You can buy an electric buffing wheel about 14" from Home Depot or Lowes for about $30. Apply bio clean to the white felt pad and you have a green solution for had water. You will essentially be polishing the glass. We have not had heat problems on the glass or other issues that you would face when using a scratch removal level system. You are not going to need to keep in one spot on the glass for very long at all. Two motivated guys can do several dozen panes in a day, 50-100. One guy buffs the glass the next guy washes, rewashes and then finally washes the residue off. Lots of water is needed since the bio clean is a paste. We tell the customer we won’t get the corners as well as the field of glass. You can hand buff the corners out pretty quickly if needed. I hope there is a solution you can use. If you try this approach have plenty of bio clean, lots of water, and keep it to commercial glass! We can charge several hundred for a few panes if the CC550 can’t restore the glass and we have to use this method.

Hello Doug an Thad. I am doing fine.

Your heading makes more sense than mine - thanks.

I talked to EaCo Chem last night and they said that the onerestore should work and talked about precautions to take.
Set the customers expectations, and what to do for job set up - basically, pre-wet, test area and then complete the job, just keep the water hose right there in case it needs to be rinsed off immediately.

Thad the clear class looks promising and I may use it for a backup.

Larry thank you for letting me know about ART. That looks like something I can use for this job no matter what cleaner I use, but I am willing to try onerestore first.

Thanks Bethany I appreciate the information. The Windows I have are on the bank and are 14 panes approximately 12 inches each pane. I have all of the window buffing equipment as that is one of the things I have done on trucks.

Again thank you for all the help

Just an update on this job. The drive-thru window and door came out great, one application of ONE RESTORE and the windows looked like new. The windows on either side of the door (had the mineral stains present) took 2 to 3 applications of ONE RESTORE. The third application I used a scuff pad to lightly wipe and then thoroughly rinsed. They too also look new now. The only problem with the window frames is where the O.R. got inside the channel and ran down the sill and (did this after I had left) took off finish about 1/32 wide all the way to the bottom. A paint touch-up fixed it - can not see it unless you look for it.

That’s great, Bruce!