Need help with a Walgreens bid

I could use some help on bidding a Walgreens. They want pressure washing on the sidewalks, on their drive through area and around the dumpster. I already handle the window cleaning there. I have been wanting to get more into pressure washing.

Besides having at least a 4 GPM machine and most likely a good surface wand, what else would one need to complete this job? How much would you charge for this service?

You’ll need hot water and a surface cleaner, for sure.

Pricing comes down to frequency of cleanings and volume. If it’s multiple stores on a every 2 or 4 week schedule you could charge much less than if this is a stand alone store or a one time deal.

who are you and where are you from?

I agree with micha. Depends in the frequency of your cleaning. Welcome to PWRA. Sit back and learn and enjoy.

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If I had a district of stores and had them on a set maintenance schedule, ya’ll would call me a low baller! haha.

The pressure washing would be quarterly. What would you guys charge fr something like this? Most Walgreens have the same layout.


I’d charge enough to make a profit.

Since we don’t know anything about you or your business it would be unfair to simply shoot you a price.

4gpm - zero degree tip - $1.00/sf

The last time we were approached by Walgreens they weren’t willing to pay over $85.00 for quarterly cleaning. It’s a slippery slope dealing with some of these companies because they don’t want to sign service agreements and after you do the 1st cleaning they tend to fall back on the money is tight claim and stop service.
The initial cleaning should be in the $550 price range and the quarterly cleanings should fall in around $375.If they wanted monthly I would be in at $175 and on 15 days $95

Nope again.


If a member here was wanting to know my first name and my geographical area to more assist me with my market, I would gladly give it to them or the forum. Simply demanding, “who are you and where are you from” is not going to get it done. Those kind of bullish requests bring out the “internet tough guy” mentality in everyone. I understand the concern with competitors of ours on the boards here. I am certain that no one really wants to help out their nearest competitor.

And it’s Jim from the midwest.

Why do I even bother?? I’m sure you are as sneaky with your customers as you are with us


I help the local guys and they help me. Our businesses have all grown because we work together

Pretty much the same here. We compete against each other on getting jobs. But if someone needs help it is given. I don’t understand why this forum and the WCR dosent have a signature required policy.

I laid out the pricing for these types of stores.
Not out of the kindness of my heart,but to prepare you for the typical situation that usually happens and what corporations want to pay for pressure washing on these type properties.
BUT,by Gawd have a flippin great time ****in on everyones shoes.

Funny I was thinking about this earlier this week. Everyone has used a sig so far but I knew it would come up sooner or later.
I guess it was sooner.

I see both sides of the signature debate. Im not against not having a signature. I appreciate some other forums Im on not requiring a signature because I would rather remain anonymous.

The way I see it, if you’re asking for help people that are willing to help have a right to know who they’re helping.

its a matter of common courtesy, good manners, respect for others, etc… Qualities that are getting harder and harder to find in people these days