Need Help setting up new 12ft enclosed v nose trailer

Hi there, just picked it up last week and its a bit overwhelming setting this trailer up to run windows, pw, and rw. Its 12ft v nose 7ft wide tandum axle. We have Bobs 8GPM washer, 1 extra 4000psi washer, 2 4ft DI tanks, 400g water tank, 30 gal house wash tank.

Here are a few questions…other than I’D LOVE TO SEE YOUR ENCLOSED TRAILER SETUPS :smiley:

-How many gallon tank do you use for roof washing?
-What about your trailer helps the most for efficiency? (we were carrying everything in a truck and having to move items around, string out hose, ect.)
-How do hose reels help with efficiency? Are they worth their cost??
-Are you feeding your water tank from house and doing a 3 way valve to feed DI and PW?
-If I have the main water tank feed DI system can I use my roof pump to feed wfp?

I think we over analyze but want to make sure we set it up the most efficient way the first time :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help in advance!

Answers above

Good luck with it, I have a 6x10 that filled up to quick.

Thanks for the answers! Ive scrubbed youtube and found only a couple vids. I found a few on wcr. So sounds like i need to bite the bullet and purchase hose reels. Are u using the for supply, pw, roofs and di? Ive already sealed the walls and floor with nice clear deck stain.

Feel free to call. I have a video of mine on youtube, but I have it blocked. Let me know and I’ll try to unblock it.

I’d like to dig this up again and see how you set the trailer up? Any pics?