Need help! please

pressure washer started leaking today and i really really need your insight. i cant find the schematics for the pump so i dont know what the problem could be.

heres a pic of where the leak is

its coming right out of that cap
please help!

Did you let it run for a little bit with no water flowing through the gun?

no. wouldnt have been more than a minute or two

is it just a pressure relief valve that i can just replace or do you think the pump isinternally damage?

A minute or two is too long for that little pump.
It looks like the burst disc, but it’s hard to tell from the pic.

Take that out and put a brass plug in there. And don’t leave the machine running for more than 20-30 SECONDS without water running through your pump.

use the plug as a temp fix till i can replce the part?
thanks thad i owe you one

I’m not telling you what to do I’m just telling you that I take that crap out and put a plug in it.

as long as i can gt through the week i’ll be happy. i need it everyday this week. thanks again!

I’m not an expert but I think that is the intake, you will have one on each side of the pump. If anything it should be sucking air. Thad’s plan should work as a fix

It is an intake. But water was squirting out

ok, i was able to take it apart and check it out

although labeled as an inlet on the pump, it is a thermal relief valve that burst off. crapped my pants when i was walking back to my machine and it was spraying water out the side.

thanks guys. i appreciate your help.

Thats a thermal relief valve and I never had any luck with those like the one you have. Get a ball valve so if your not going to run water thru the wand for a minute or so you can just disconnect the wand and open the ball valve so water runs thru the pump where it doesn’t overheat and cause pump damage. Take that thermal relief valve off and replace it with what Thad is saying and you’ll be fine.

Or if you have a buffer.tank bypass the pump back to the water.tank.

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The thermal relief valve is on the machine for a reason. If you modify the machine by replacing the relief valve with some other fitting, you are opening yourself to all kinds of liability. If someone were to get hurt because of the machine malfunctioning. The liablity will be on you not the manufacture.

I know we all like to modify our equipment to better suit us. The relief valve is a safety device that is there for a specific reason. I recently bought a new pressure washer and one of the items they go into detail on is what to do when a relief valve bursts. I’m sure they do this to cover their a$$es.

Is it possible your relief valve just failed yes it is. Is it likely the valve failed for no reason no its not.