Need help for first commercial job, send help

Hey guys, first time posting

Aussie from down under

Need some suggestions, first job for property manager.
First year in business, I.e newbie
Kind of sketchy about this job due to the position of building. How would you guys recommend doing this; all external walls, windows with in mind of traffic and pedestrians? As well as not much room for movement.

Skid rig vanguard; 5.5 GPM @ 5000 psi - thinking xjet?
I do have the jrod but I need to purchase another hand peice with reducers to be able to use it. Was hoping to pay for it with this job. ( equipment ain’t cheap here in Aus)

Thanks for any advice in advance guys

I think this is a job for a 12 volt system, those power lines have me on the edge of my seat. However way you do it keep overspray to a minimum, you don’t want sh on cars driving past either, it will smear there windows should they get overspray on it and turn there wipers on, doesn’t take much. Plants are obsolete so don’t be afraid to bump up the SH mixture a bit for a quick in and out without causing too many delays to traffic, I would personally nuke it with about a 3-4%. It seems like it’s at an intersection and you have a 1 way road next to it aswel so think about parking and hose lengths. 1 other thing I want to mention is don’t use a ladder in the front section, I think that barbed fence explains why. Don’t overthink it too much other than safety. Collect your check and be smothered in g strings and Champaign.

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Thanks for the advice, a 12volt system for me will be further down the line. Equipment is quite expensive here in au. Do you think it will be possible with an xjet venturi? The power line is quite close to the building, I also have a very long extendable brush I was thinking of using. How do I handle the power lines being so close to where I will be applying water/SH ?

@Goldentripper to be perfectly honest with you I haven’t used an xjet in many years any advice on that would be just a guess, Volume makes it counterproductive to drag a bucket around for me. Plenty of guys use it on this forum I’m sure they will share there knowledge soon. I’m a downstream/12 volt man myself. I build my 12v systems for $600 so not too expensive to get into it.

@Goldentripper for brushing advice I would consult @wap2dem :joy::sunglasses::+1:


That building doesn’t even look that bad. Just downstream it. Cone off the sidewalks and go at it…easy money!!


:):joy: Lol be nice to the poor guy!

The hardest part about this job will be traffic and pedestrians. Clean it on a Sunday. Early in the am. Late in the evening. Or whenever that area is least trafficked. If the winds are high call it off until they are not. Downstream straight sh. The very top of the front may need something stronger to get rid of the streak but everything else easy peasy. That would be my plan of attack. From the pictures it looks like painted concrete?


Yes you can xJet the top, downstream the rest. (The top will require higher %)

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Can you get access to roof?
It would be possible to use a pump up sprayer from roof to get bad areas up high then downstream the lower areas.
12v systems are not as expensive as you think.
Basically a 12v pump, a battery and a bit of poly hose and tube with plastic ball valve.


:rofl: fair call!