Need help figuring out how much to bid. 91 garage doors

Hi guys,

It has been awhile since I posted, but I came upon a job that would like a bid from me and I am not sure how much to bid. I looked through the archives and haven’t had much luck…

I know this is a broad, generalized question, but how would you bid this job and for how much?

HOA condo complex, 91 garage doors that need to be cleaned down. I was planning on just using a simple house wash (ZEP, or if that doesn’t seem to work maybe a SH solution) apply it and spray it off. Probably wouldn’t even use a pressure washer since I figure a hose with a bit of pressure on it will be enough to get the doors clean. If there are stubborn spots I can use a soft brush scrubber.

60 doors are 8ft x 7ft, 31 of them are 16ft x 7ft. All that is on there is some dirt, dust and maybe exhaust stains from cars. I still consider myself a noob and a job like this will be awesome to get myself in the door. I definitely don’t want to bid myself out of it!

Thanks guys.

I wouldn’t spray zep on a dead cat. Are they metal, wood, what final? If you can do them in under two minutes I would bid them at $12 each and wash as many as possible off of a tank. You could probably wash several before moving the truck down the street.



I would also be interested in what you recommend for dead cats.




I would suggest using Cleansol BC. It’s a all purpose light duty cleaner and works well with what you explained. Regardless of the surface, it’s safe on that surface as well as surfaces around it. It works extremely well on vinyl, metal, wood and painted surfaces, removing oxidation and the light duty dirt, carbon and dust you mentioned. It’s works great at dilutions as high as 30-1. 30 water 1 chem. Just a thought.


@ChemGuy So glad to have an EacoChem person on here! Mike is THE MAN…he’s been so helpful to me in figuring out what to use when I get a weird mess to clean up.

If you haven’t already, please make sure you check with @Chris before you push any products. (Even though yours are the best in the business, in my opinion)

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Thanks for the kind words. Will do, thanks for the advice.