Need guidance on my next purchase

I’m really close to pulling the trigger on this skid.

I need it to be good for commercial flatwork, and typical residential stuff.
I was going to build a machine with a predator or maybe even honda, but once I got to adding everything up it was very close to this rig. Then I found this website where its only $50 shipping. I would probally save 300 a lone just in shipping with individual parts. The only downside I found was if I were to build I would have a udor pump. Considering my mechanical skills are limited, my time is limited, busy with work and school. I’m seriously considering purchasing this or something very similar. Any feedback or suggestions are welcome.

I have the 5.5 gpm version. It’s not really the machine that I wanted but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I don’t know how it would hold up with a crew running it but with me as a owner operator I feel like it will be fine. I heard that pressurepro didn’t heat up very good but so far my has gotten hot enough to destroy chewing gum. I’ve been very happy with mine. I know there’s better built machines out there but for the money I don’t think you can go wrong. I would try to buy local even if it cost a little more.

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Dang. Free freight to a commercial address. Make friends with your local building supply/hardware store. If they really like you, they’ll load it onto your trailer with their forklift, like they did for me :blush:


They will deliver to a residence for only $50. The freight truck will have a lift gate.

I just noticed it’s a 12 volt. You’d be better off paying a little bit more and getting a generator unit

There is nothing wrong with general pumps. I have several with several thousand hours on them. Only issue I use to have was check valves. I was only getting about 500 hours out of them. I switched from 1” to 1.5” feed hose and haven’t had any problems since. Is UDOR better? Probably . A lot of people say they are. But a tsf2021 will still give you many years of service.


It just seems like the route for me to go atm. I can always upgrade into this, but I think this will last me years.

I cant find one with the specs of 8gpm @ 3500

Go with 8@3000 then. You don’t want over 2500 psi for commercial work any how

It says this down at the bottom.

*This 12 Volt Unit includes a 20 amp charging system. This unit is completely factory assembled, tested in the USA, and delivered ready to operate

Harold I have that same one with a general tsf2021 and it’s 12 volt pull the trigger u will like it and it will pay for itself in no time I bought a liberty one it was about identical to a pressure pro when I was twenty new from amazing machinery it lasted me 16 yrs had the same general pump on it when I sold it last yr only thing I had to do to it is replace the transformer and I rebuilt the pump before I sold it a 12 volt will be fine

So if I get the 12v 8gpm @ 3500 I will also need to run a generator? What size do you run?

I think the ones that come on the skids are only 2 or 2.4 k so pretty small .

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There is the 7gpm @ 3500 w/ onboard generator, which I would be ok with if it wasnt for the AR pump that it comes with.

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Read that Harold probably will answer some of ur questions

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Hell yea it does. Thanks for the link. So I’m reading it as the 12v doesn’t need a generator? I’m gonna call this company tomorrow and confirm everything bc this is a large purchase for me.

Yeah, but will they load it right onto your truck or trailer for you?

Then go for it. I’m not saying it’s a piece of crap. I like mine but typically you’ll have less trouble with a generator unit. One thing I do like about 12 volt systems is they seem simpler to work on. As long as it makes money that’s what counts

No, for this the plan is to have steel pipe cut to length, and use them to roll it into the enclosed trailer(it has a ramp). I’ve done this with an industrial generator we have at a fishing camp. It might take 4 people, but i think its do able.

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