Need advice on building trailer setup

I just recently added pressure washing to my list of services for my lawn business. I would like to make a portable skid that i can load and unload out my 7x16 ft trailer(i used this trailer for other things, thats why i want to be able to remove it). I do have access to a forklift so lifting and moving a ton or two is not an issue and same with fabricating the frame that will hold all of this. I have a honda 4000 PSI 4 GPM.
How big of water tank is recommended for using as a buffer? 1 hr worth of water?
Are the tanks gravity fed or do I need a small water pump?
If a water pump is needed, what is the best way power the pump? (My pressure washer does not have any electrical components)
How much hose would be a good place to start?

I am completely open to suggestions so feel free to throw some input or advice my way.

Why do you need a buffer for a 4gpm PWer? :flushed:

Is it a belt drive? If so a 35 or 50 gallon tank with a float valve will be plenty. If it is direct drive you’ll find it easier to just hook to the persons water spigot with a inline water strainer…unless most homes are on wells in your area then you’ll need a buffer tank. There are some that use buffer tanks with direct drives on here but there’s some challenges

More like 10 minutes, assuming that you’re connecting to a water source at every job. The purpose of the tank is to act as a “buffer” between your 4gpm pump and a water source that is providing less than 4gpm. You won’t be drawing it down at 4gpm, but at the difference between source and pump. So if a well is putting out 3gpm, you would be drawing the tank down 1 gallon every minute you’re on the trigger. Every time you let off the trigger, the tank starts to fill back up at 3gpm.

Amount of hose depends on what types of jobs you’re doing. I think most guys here keep somewhere between 150’ and 250’ on their reel, and some spare lengths besides. I have 200’ on the reel and an extra 100’ and 50’ pieces on the truck. 90% of jobs can get done with just 200’

For garden hose, right now I’ve got 100’ on the reel and extra 100’ and 50’ sections besides.

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Hi, welcome to the forum, this place is like a giant filing cabinet, under the category TRAILER BUILDS you can find more info than you can handle.

Good luck on your quest

My .02 is, don’t purchase anything until after reading this forum for a few weeks, you’ll thank me later.


Thank you for the insight.

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