Need a Hack

I know you guys have solved this problem, and I’d like you to share your hacks or solutions. THANKS!

Tubing elbow, conduit elbow might work

Is that a chem tank that’s going in? That type of qc is not designed for suction . It takes Pressure to make a seal

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What’s it going to or coming from? Need the whole picture here George.

Drop stick going into mix tank. 3/8" id hose sent by PressureTek with the feeder hose system for my soft wash system. I also plug that hose into my buffer tank to supply the pump for my reverse osmosis/DI filtration system. I simply wish to know what you’re doing to prevent hoses from kinking. I’ve seen springs employed for this purpose on gargen hoses, but thought that the community might have more better ideas.

90 degree fitting. Then slide 12” of 3/4 or 1” hose over it . It allows it to bend a little and still be flexible

Nicely done Sir! Do I really need a 90 degree if I use the hose? I try to eliminate 90 degree angles (thanks @Racer )

Will you be in Atlanta NEXT WEEK?

The 90 is not needed it just helps. And no I won’t be there it sounds like fun but I’m still fighting to catch up from a few weeks or rain. I have two 66ft lifts rented so I need to hurry up and finish Mother Nature is no being very nice rite now