Need a few tips about posting on Craigslist

I’ll skip exactly what drove me to have to ask this in the interest of brevity. In short, I like to keep an ad up on Craigslist both in the “household services” and “professional services” headings. There’s no magic bullet when it comes to promotion, but it gets me a few jobs here and there. (I didn’t get any action from the “real estate services” heading, so i stopped with that one.)
When you first post an ad, it expires in however many days. Then you can go to your account page and you’ll see that same ad with a “repost” link/button next to it. Okay so you click that and the ad is reposted and is again at the top of the listings for that heading. Only…
After a while (I don’t know how long that while is) that “repost” button stops showing up, though youc an still edit or delete the ad. If you choose to edit it, it still stays where it currently is, which is probably pushed way too far down in th elistings to be of any use. So what do you need to do to get back to having it reposted and back at the top when you do so? Do you need to delete the old ad you have under that heading first? Do you need to completely re-upload the ad like you did when you first put it on CL? And do you need to change any of the wording in the heading or the body? And can you run the same ad with the same subject line, body text and pictures under two sections at the same time or do they need to be different?
The ones I had up were each slightly different. Also, how long does an ad tyically take to show up? I know it’s not immediate. Just looking for some advice from those experienced at keeping an ad up as often and as at the top of the listings as possible. Thanks.

I use CL exclusively here in the Pacific Northwest (for now). I get most of my business from CL so i decided that i didnt want to go manually post/renew ads on a daily/hourly basis. Basically to be succesful in CL you wanna have atleast ONE of your ads on the top 10 on any given list (eg: power wash, pressure wash, gutter cleaning, etc) and also in the right Services section. So the cheap and free way to do it is to make a bunch of accounts on CL then post them throughout out the day in various different devices.

8am : home computer
10am: your cell phone
12 am: your cell phone (connected to wi-fi)
2pm: cell phone (but choose different service than 10 am)
4pm: from tablet or wifes/bf’s/partners phone
6pm: home computer

So if this sounds like a routine you can manage to get phone ringing its what i did to get the phone ringing in the begininng. Then when you start getting high volume of calls which leads to estimating and others things we contractors do its not exactly very fun time to remember to post/renew ads manually every 2 hours.

After, the best way is to get a program that auto posts for you (making ads while you are out making money :slight_smile:)

I payed 100usd this year around march to buy one and it made me around 40-50k.

Hope it helps


What program u use for auto posting?

Theres one called Craigslistautoposting tools or other ones online.

Ty will check it out