Need a Cheatsheet


There is so much great information here that’s its hard to keep track of. Is there a cheatsheet out there that breaks down each substrate? ie. Vinyl siding/ use this treatment/ at this ratio/ with this tip/ power wash or soft wash/ post treatment…etc. etc.


I’ve been struggling with that also. You can mark a post as a favorite but even with that I feel like I am forgetting way too much information. I think the answer for me is to create my own reference/database.


^exactly… If you can’t remember then write it down. Just type each substrate into the search box and record anything useful. But for the most part the more porous the substrate is the stronger your mix will need to be. I.e. Stucco and brick and concrete generally need a stronger mix than painted wood or vinyl. Vinyl probably being the easiest.


There are too many variables. One guy will tell you don’t do gutter whitening. Another guy will say hit 'em with SH and the xjet. Another dude is brushing on gutter grenade 20:1. Somebody else says gutter grenade 5:1. Then you go to do the job and none of that works because of the air temperature. It is a lot to keep track of, but that’s why you get paid the big bucks.


This is why I dont do gutters as a seperate service to much to take in account and not worth the hassle. I brush gutters with every cleaning with my house wash mix but we throw a tad of EBC in each batch I make.


Unless they are REALLY bad, I’ve never had to scrub a gutter with a brush (cleaning not whitening). I have had to soap twice tho.