Nashville Convention Sound Off Thread

I’m there.
Who else?

I will be there…the GF is tagging along as well.

Me and my Wife will be there!

Me and Anya are def in… PARTY till 1100pm

Me and the family will be there. I think the family is gonna hang out at the pool.

Me and my by then 7 month preggo wife. Hope they have plenty of food.

Lots of restaurants and shops in the resort!

I’m in!!

I’ll be there with the wife, kid and my brother.

Hi Bob,

Nice to see you here.

In the busy season it’s hard enough just to keep up with my board.

Man I wish we can go. Doesn’t stop me from telling others to go to the PWRA inaugural Convention. Looks to be a great Convention that’s going to go down as one for the memory banks for people in this Industry to say years later they were there…

I will be there. Looks like I may be solo though.

That’s so low.

I’m in… My brother and his wife are going to…

We’re all coming down Wednesday. My wife and kids will love the hotel.

Just a 5 hour drive for me. I thought about inviting Mike. Don’t know that he’ll want to hang out with all the wives though.



I will not mention names…But seems someone was drinking or on mediccccation when they were choosing speakers for the convention…or maybe it was comic relief…either way I’ll be there!

Looking forward to seeing old Friends & making some new ones.