Nailite Shingles

Anyone have experience with nailite shingles that are dirty, faded, stained?

Looks like the company filed bankruptcy back in 2009.

Got a call asking to look at a job with this material. Found 1 old post on it where the amazing Innocent Bystander said water only and it doesn’t clean it.

Anyone have any experience with success with cleaning it or know about the success of painting it?

I always like to share info with the customer… so if I can point them in a decent direction for resolving their issue, I like to.

Based on Innocent’s input and with his deep experience, I am not going to take it on but want to give them something to go on.


I have read/heard that vinyl can be painted. I believe that it requires all oxidation to be removed, and a special kind of paint. That’s about all I know :man_shrugging:

Between the two of us, we are not quite ready to take over the world. Yet.

[I look around sheepishly, wondering who else in the room he must be talking to]

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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