My Topic disappeared after 3 days

Is that the policy or did I violate some rule I didn’t know I even did ? I went back to look at some advice I received again and it’s gone ???

this site is not for homeowners
FB is for that

OOH come on That’s not what happened . So are you saying I should make another account and lie ? Claiming I am a Newbie ??? Please don’t be so arrogant

Barry, your topic appears to have been moved to a top secret section of the forum known as “the lounge”. We can’t discuss all the amazing things that happen on there, but it comes with time and experience. Oh the stories we could share…like that one night in Barbados… :shushing_face:

In all seriousness, it most likely was shifted over there due to it either becoming too off topic, it was felt that the information was becoming misleading, or more than a sufficient amount of information was already shared and it wasn’t being absorbed. I’m not a moderator, so I can’t speak on behalf of all the reasons it could have happened or what triggered this exact one to go into the lounge, but I’ve shared my guesses as to my it is no longer visible to you.

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Thanks for childish answer : Lets be honest . I know how self employed people are . I was one for 50 years . So I know from experience . The guys willing to answer questions and treat you with the respect you treat them with . Are making Money .
The guys in forums like this who can’t answer decent and are pricks to everyone with questions.
Taint making no dang money Gomer . Or they woodest be such pompous jerks . :wink:

Your welcome - I’ll be sure not to apply any more effort in to assisting you. Best of luck to ya!

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My lawd Terry Cruz’ hands are as big as his head! :rofl:

Hey @RICK1956 don’t get too bent out of shape man. That topic was “answered” imho… I’m new here but not new to forums. I would suggest maybe searching a few things that you still in answers too. Don’t get bent out of shape over online stuff man (I think I saw you say you were 66 years old… You know better lol). This site has a lot of great info without having to start a new topic to ask. Happy searching!

The very reason I moved the topic was because of your attitude. I think your comment above proves I was correct. You can act like an adult and stay and learn, or go pound sand. I don’t care either way, but you won’t continue in the fashion you have started I can assure you.


@Innocentbystander Speaking of the “Lounge”, I have been respectful, like Cheerwine and Spam (once in a while) may I have access?

I got no control over that. I’m not a mod, I just act like one occasionally. @Infinity @Steve @marinegrunt can hook you up

@Innocentbystander Thank you, I will message one of the above mentioned gentlemen and plead my case.

I thought it was tied directly to trust level upgrades, which I thought were statistical…I figured you’d have to ask @discobot :joy:

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

I think it’s based on the number of posts you make, but a mod can override that

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If you want to put something in the lounge until a mod can review it that’s fine. But make sure to flag it because the lounge isn’t designed for Regulars to essentially delete threads from everyone else’s viewing. That’s like cancel culture.

You can always ignore a user or ignore a thread.

You can also request to be a Mod.

And if we put threads in the lounge because of attitudes we’d end up with way too many threads in the lounge.

Access is granted by being “active or a “regular” on the forums.

I gave you access but the system will bump you down again if you aren’t active.

Forgot you were a Mod Mike. No, the lounge won’t fill up if people with attitudes are put in it. If so, it would be overflowing by now.

I can never seem to keep it lol


Cheers Mike. I better make sure I post more!

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