My Peter Griffin moment

There I was with this storefront job. Scrambling like a chicken with its head cut off for a fitting for this wall hydrant. 2 different security guards tell me I can’t unroll my hoses until 9PM. The GC for the store conversion says screw them get started. The head honcho maintenance guy says we gotta wait…then changes his mind. He showed up in a truck and had a brain fart when I didn’t have the right fittings and went off with a security guard looking for his golf cart he drove up in and claims someone stole it HE SHOWED UP IN A TRUCK but forgot I guess. Anywho this delayed us an hour and a half so everyone’s on edge to a certain degree. Security mall cops, GC, Mainenance manager and myself. Finally start filling and get to a good level and I turn on my gas and choke. Yank it. Nothing. Several more times. Nothing. I wanted to quit. Pack it up and go home. Low and behold my kill switch was off. Moral of the story: I learned to be better prepared for the jobs I do although this one was called last minute; and keep calm and chive on. That is all


We all get those…glad you got through it

Last week I was doing a roof and the head cracked …had to finish a smaller section with a pump up. Same day

Got to the next job and one of my hoses busted where it goes in at the reel (we run two washers)
Of course biggest house of the year we’ve done and only have one washer to do it with.

No issues since, strange business we are in