My NEXT Smartphone Will Be a

My HTC Evo is up for an upgrade next month. I have been leaning toward the iPhone but I’m not 100% sold yet.
What kind of phone are you using now? What are you getting next time, and why?

Help me out, people!

I have been using the Motorola Droid Bionic and have been very happy. It is the first smart phone that I actually like.

You know you want an iphone Thad :slight_smile:

Iphone all the way. I have the HTC Inspire and it is sheet.

My next smartphone will be the iPhone. I currently use the iPhone, and love it. I have used several different droids, and they all suck.

Love my iphone. Ive had 3 so far…

I use an iPhone 4 now… I’ll get a 5 as soon as they come out… I’ve been due for an upgrade for a whole… Just waiting for the 5.

Ill have a drawing for my old iPhone 4 when I get the 5. All you got to do is post.

[MENTION=803]Thad[/MENTION] if you are getting the Ipad go with an Iphone also.

Same here and I totally agree with you.

i hate i phones. i had the htc evo - loved it. dropped it off a ladder and insurance sent me the evo 3d - garbage. they are coming out with a new htc right now that is much more like the original evo - just better

Yeah, my son just got it.
HTC Evo Design

He likes it.

Heather told me to post for her. She still has a flip phone. I’m such a bad husband. Pick me! :slight_smile:

iPhone! I have two iPhone 4’s and a Samsung galaxy S and can’t stand the android based phones. Good camera on Samsung but not user friendly at all.